Does Nick Jonas have a new girlfriend?


By Bianca Mastroianni
Does Nick Jonas have a new girlfriend?

Is Nick Jonas officially off the market? While we're not exactly sure, it definitely looks like he's getting out of the single lane!

The "Levels" singer was caught at the Pinz Bowling Center in Studio City, California with a mystery blonde beauty. It's being reported that the pair seemed like they were having a really fun time as they bowled and played arcade games late into the night. AND their date didn't stop there. Nick and his lady were seen getting a snack on the street after their fun night out. There was no sight of hand-holding or kissing, so this could just all be innocent fun.

However, Nick is no stranger to this particular bowling alley. He was seen here at the beginning of February with Victoria's Secret model Sara Sampaio. There was apparently a lot of PDA going on during that date.

Sources told Life & Style that Sara and Nick had their own lane and were all over each other. It's reported that fans tried to come up and talk to Nick but he only had eyes for Sara. He would kiss her and cuddle her in order to avoid talking to anyone else.

This time around, the sneaky paparazzi didn't get any photos of Nick and the mystery blonde inside the Pinz Bowling Center so fans really don't know what exactly happened. He could have been kissing her as well and just kept his cool when he knew cameras could be around the corner.

Nick has been linked to a bevy of Hollywood leading ladies including Olivia Culpo and Kate Hudson. Ever since his breakup from Olivia, he's notorious for keeping his personal love life on the down-low. We have a feeling that we may never see this woman on Nick's side again unless things start to get super serious. It will only be at that time that he officially introduces her to the public. Until then, these two are probably just going to have their fun behind closed doors!