Sabrina Carpenter talks style secrets, fave food and what to expect from her brand-new movie!

DOLLY caught up with the RL Disney princess on her trip to Oz.

By Bree Player

We caught up with the real life Disney pint sized princess while she was in Sydney to perform for FANFEST and gave her a copy of DOLLY… FYI she ~loved~ Dolly Doctor!

Welcome back to Australia! What have you gotten up to this time around?

"Well I did Fanfest which was awesome! Last time I was here I didn’t get to perform or even meet fans so it’s been amazing to be able to do that. It’s incredible that they even exist here! I didn’t know!”

What are your favourite places you’ve been to in Sydney?

“I went to The Grounds in Alexandria [coffee shop and eatery], it's so cool. I want to live there. We had brunch, it was pretty! I got rose lemonade and I met Kevin Bacon the pig. It was just so good.”

Image via: [Basil and Lamb](https://basilandlamb.wordpress.com/2013/07/12/the-grounds-of-alexandria/|target="_blank"|rel="nofollow")
Image via: Basil and Lamb

How would you describe your style?

“Evolving all the time. It used to be very sophisticated with an edge but now it’s whatever goes. It depends on what mood I’m in, my music, wherever I’m going. I like to experiment now. There are so many cool and different things designers are doing nowadays that I really love. Just unique things that other people don’t have. That’s why I love vintage shopping as well.”

Photography by: Andrew Finlayson
Photography by: Andrew Finlayson

What are your tips for being confident?

“There are days where I feel more confident than others but for me it’s about an attitude and an energy. Choosing to be positive goes a long way to helping you be confident. It’s also about finding what you love about yourself and what makes you unique.”

What do you do for fun?

“I love to eat. I really do. Especially when I’m travelling, I like to go to ice-cream parlours and find cool and different flavours. There is a bucket list I’ve read with the 27 best ice-cream places in the world. Gelato Messina is on it. I went there last time I came to Australia. I’m definitely going again because I’ve heard they have fairybread flavour, which I have to try. I’ve never even had fairybread before but I want it.”

Photography by: Andrew Finlayson
Photography by: Andrew Finlayson

"Adventures in Babysitting" is premiering here in Australia soon, what can you tell us about the film?

“It’s the adventure of a lifetime, it keeps you on the edge of your seat for the entire film. My favourite thing about it is that we took an iconic 80s movie and put a new twist on it for our generation. There’s a lot of girl power in the movie, the two girls have a lot of insecurities but they find that those things are what make them unique and what help them out of the crazy situations they get themselves into.”

Who is the coolest celeb you’ve ever met?

“Beyoncé. I met her at a studio I was working at a couple of months ago and there’s really nothing to say when such a goddess walks into your life. She is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.”