DOLLY chats with Dave Franco

We caught up with Dave and had a nice lil chat.

By Sammy Stewart

To celebrate the release of Dave Franco and Emma Roberts' thrilling new flick Nerve (IN CINEMAS TODAY!) DOLLY's Bree was #blessed to have a chat with the leading man...

How would you describe Nerve?

"I would say primarily it’s a thriller. There’s definitely elements of romance and some small moments of comedy, but overall it’s a thriller."

How would you describe your character, Ian?

"My character is somewhat mysterious and you can’t really tell if he’s a good guy or a bad guy or if he has ulterior motives or what not."

"But what I like about the character is that you would think that he would fall into this stereotype of being the guy in the young adult movie who is brooding and takes himself really seriously and thinks he’s really cool, but the directors let me bring a lot of warmth to the character and allow me to be a little silly at points."

What was your favourite scene to film in the movie and why?

"It’s hard to think of a favourite scene because I remember how anxious I felt during most of these scenes because, I’m performing these dares and doing things that I wouldn’t normally do like, standing on a tabletop in a restaurant and singing for everyone, or hanging from a construction crane, or doing all these things that put me out of my comfort zone."

"My favourite scene to watch now is the motorcycle dare, cause I think visually It looks incredible but that was probably the hardest scene to film."

In what way?

"We filmed that probably over 4 or 5 days and we were filming at night. Actually all my scenes were shot at night. So I was shooting from 6pm till 6am every day which had its own difficulties where you become a night owl and you go to bed at 6 or 7am and you wake up the next day at 1pm. You’re in this constant state of fogginess and it messes with your head."

"But that being said I’m making the whole experience seem horrible I had such a great time with everyone because we really put so much into this movie and it was such a collaborative experience where we would all huddle together before every single scene and talk through it and make sure it could be the best scene it could possibly be. I really have fond memories of making this movie and I’m so proud of how it turned out. "

And when you’re hanging around on the set you know not filming, what do you like to do?

"What do I like to do on set? I’m generally pretty social when I’m on set I tend to leave my cell phone is my trailer just so I can be present with everyone and I like to joke around to keep the mood light and keep everyone’s energy up cause we are working long hours and if anyone is losing energy or kind of has a negative demeanour, everyone feels that."

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