DOLLY exclusive: Life according to Kendall & Kylie Jenner

They're two of the world's biggest teen reality stars. But what's it like when the cameras are off? And what would Kylie and Kendall do in some of life's toughest sitches? DOLLY finds out!

They're two of the world's biggest teen reality stars. But what's it like when the cameras are off? And what would Kylie and Kendall do in some of life's toughest sitches? DOLLY finds out!

When we sit down post cover-shoot with Kendall and Kylie Jenner — aka the youngest members of one of Hollywood's most powerful dynasties — the first thing they mention is DOLLY's Aussie styling. "We loved the outfits, they're so cute," Kylie exclaims. "We're getting into winter here in LA and you guys are getting into summer so it was fun to dress in summer clothes."

In true Keeping Up With The Kardashians style, Kendall chimes in on her sister's sentence. "Yeah, we had ice-creams and milkshakes and I really enjoyed working at the beach. It made it fun for us," says Kendall. As well as finding out what it's really like dealing with life in front of the camera, we got the coolest sister duo on the box to un-muddle a few of life's little mysteries and tell us exactly what they'd do when it comes to boys, school and family.

DOLLY: Your lives are heavily documented on TV — where do you draw the line?
Kendall: "Out of everyone, Kylie and I are the most private. We wouldn't go as far as our sisters [Kourtney, Kim and Khloe] do in some of the things they let on TV."

DOLLY: How do you guys manage school?
Kendall: "It became really hard at times because we'd go to school all day long, have a ton of homework, then come home and try to do it but we couldn't because there was a whole camera crew and our family there. It was also hard to make the time for studying when we were away all the time. We do home schooling now, so it's easier."

DOLLY: How is life different when the cameras are off?
Kylie: "I don't think it's actually any different. When the cameras are around, we just do whatever we normally do. We're just used to the cameras and we know the camera men because we see them every day so it's like we're just hanging out. It's comfortable and even when they're not there, it's the same thing."

DOLLY: Has there ever been a moment you've regretted being part of the show?
Kendall: "I don't think we regret it. I think sometimes we get annoyed with it but we get through it and it's all good."
Kylie: "I don't think we regret anything because of what came out of it, like, we're on the cover of your magazine in Australia! But when we see a picture of our friends posing together and having fun [without us], it can be hard at times."

DOLLY: Is it hard to meet guys? We can imagine you might have to question their motives.
Kendall: "I think you're completely right. We're always questioning everybody we're talking to and hanging out with. Meeting new people can be tough but Kylie and I are very good at reading people and we can tell if they're being fake or not."
Kylie: "Anyone who I've dated or who I'm friends with are people we've known since elementary school."

DOLLY: We hear you guys hang out with Aussie Cody Simpson...
Kylie: "Kendall and I met Cody about a year ago now at a premiere and since then Kendall, Cody, his sister Ally and I have become close because we're in the same position. It's fun to have other kids doing the same thing as you."

What would the Jenners do if...

They were ditched by their group of friends...
Kylie: "I've been in similar positions and I think they're not true friends if they ditch you and leave you. They aren't worthy enough and good enough to be your friends. That just means you have to go out and find who your real friends are or make new ones."

They get into a fight with a sibling...
Kendall: "Be the bigger sibling and stop fighting. Just be like, 'Alright, whatever'. That's what I do. It's so not worth fighting with and being annoyed at someone who you can’t escape, so just get on with it and move on with your day. Life is short. Come on, now."

They're crushing on the same guy as a friend...
Kylie: "This is the hardest situation because it could ruin your friendship. In my opinion, stay far away from that. I think neither of you should date the guy and you both should find new guys because friendships last forever but guys will disappear after high school."

Their friend is constantly being a copy-cat...
Kylie: "You can either take it as a compliment or if you don't like it, I'd just suck it up to be honest!"

They want to keep their grades up in school...
Kendall: "I think you should set aside an hour or two every day, like we do, to turn everything off and just focus on getting everything done."

The Kardashian Family Tree
Kendall and Kylie give us a quick rundown of what their fam is really like...

Khloe: "Khloe is like our second mum. She's very easy to talk to, loving, caring, she's very motherly and is going to be the most amazing mum."

Kim: "Kim is very good at giving advice about anything like boys, fashion, family, anything! She's a secret spy. She's really good at doing that."

Kourtney: "I love her because she's one of the few people I know who doesn’t care about what other people think about her. She's very independent and confident. She's so funny too."

Rob: "Robert is the most sarcastic person you'll ever meet. He's an amazing big brother; he's so funny. Like, last night Kendall and I went to Khloe's where Rob is staying. We just hung out and watched movies. He's always down to be a kid."

Bruce: "My dad is the sweetest, most genuine man I've ever met. He's very caring and you can tell how much he loves Kylie and me. He calls us his little gold medals. He's a cutie."

Kris: "My mum is someone you feel you can talk to about anything. She's more of a best friend than a mum. She always has this urge to help other people."

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