DOLLY's Guide to Surviving Party Season

Whether you're hosting a party or just tagging along to one, we've got the boys, decorations and party frock covered.

Whether you're hosting a party or just tagging along to one, we've got the boys, decorations and party frock covered.

Crush approaching
Even if you've mentally mapped out a plan to approach your crush, sometimes it can be super tricky. Here's our guide to starting up the party convo with no awkward pauses.

Point of approach: The dance floor
Make the move: Shimmy on over and dance with him for a good 10-20 seconds and then spin around and keep dancing with your girls. You've given him a little taste but not too much!
Convo starter: "Let's request a good song!"

Point of approach: Chilling outside
Make the move: Get your girlfriends to form a little talking circle close to his bunch of mates. Butter up a pal to chat to one of his friends first and then wait for the integration to begin.
Convo starter: "What are you doing out here, Mr Checked Shirt?"

Point of approach: The food table
Make the move: As he moves in for a slice of pizza, reach across him for the Cheezels so you have to kind of dodge one another. Follow up with a sweet "sorry!" Convo starter: "Have you tried the party pies yet?"

Point of approach: The DJ booth
Make the move: Walk straight up to your crush, give him a little pat on the shoulder to get his attention, remove one earphone and request a Pitbull song. Convo starter: "What's your fave d-floor track?"

Point of approach: The bathroom line
Make the move: It's probably the best space to catch a guy because he's away from his mates.
Convo starter: "Fancy seeing you here! Are you having a good night?"

Be the hostess with the mostest
Director of Sweaty Betty PR and events extraordinaire Roxy Jacenko offers her top three tips for hosting your own winning shindig.

  1. Be ready. Prepare as much as you can prior to your party so you aren't rushing and you can enjoy yourself.
    1. Never leave your guests alone. Entrust them to your boyfriend or a good pal, or let them join you in the kitchen or wherever it is you need to go.
    2. Aside from inviting guests in and getting them talking, you'll need some entertainment. A good playlist to set the right mood is always a winner.

Party frock 101
There are rules to be kept and some to be broken. DOLLY fashion editor Lotta talks us through her top four fash rules.

  1. Either show your legs or decolletage. Doing both is way too OTT.
    1. Rethink your everyday clothing. Try wearing your fave denim shorts with a sequinned top and heels.
    2. A great pair of shoes will really lift an otherwise average outfit and is totally worth spending a bit of extra $$$ on.
    3. This season, think colour when it comes to bling. Neon is sizzling hot for summer and will pop with your faux tan!

Decorate like a boss!
Interior designer Jessica Beslich gets us clued up on some unique ways to wow a crowd.

  1. Polaroid Attack: Attaching Polaroids to the ends of colourful helium balloons will fill the room with colour. The snapshots will be a good talking point while people walk around the party.
    1. DIY Photo Booth: Decorate a backyard space by hanging a wooden frame from a tree that guests can use as a prop for snapping pics. This provides a fun activity and is cheaper than hiring a photo booth.
    2. Pack a Punch: Empty a watermelon and fill it with a yummy mocktail. It will pretty up any table.

The 7 songs to keep the DF pumping
David Guetta — "She Wolf (Falling To Pieces)" Justice Crew — "Boom Boom" Owl City — "Good Time" Florence + the Machine — "Spectrum" Havana Brown — "You'll Be Mine" The Wanted — "Chasing The Sun" Far East Movement — "Turn Up The Love" One Direction — "Live While We're Young"

Havana on the decks
If your party suddenly hits a lull spot, DJ Havana Brown says Calvin Harris is sure to pick up the dance floor mood. "He goes off!" says Havana. "I also think '212' by Azealia Banks is bubbling. Everybody knows it and it just keeps getting bigger and bigger. The clubs go off when you play that!"

Yummy bites
Serve up some tasty finger foods.

Cabanossi and pineapple pizzas
Prep + cook time: 30 minutes
Serves: 4

2 x 30cm round pizza bases
1 cup bottled tomato pasta sauce (passata)
1 + 1/2 cups coarsely grated mozzarella cheese
440g canned pineapple rings in natural juice, drained
155g cabanossi, sliced thinly

  1. Preheat oven to 220C. Oil two oven or pizza trays and place in heated oven.
    1. Place pizza bases on trays. Spread with sauce then top with cheese, pineapple and cabanossi.
    2. Bake pizzas for about 15 minutes or until bases are browned and crisp.

Party fails sorted
Your plan of attack when...

Gatecrashers arrive
Firstly, ensure your Facebook invite is set to private. Secondly, it's always best to register a house party with the police prior to the date. This way they're on standby if you need them. If uninvited people turn up, stop the music and inform your parents or an adult ASAP. If they're unable to talk the crashers into leaving, call the police.

A friend is drunk
Seek the help of an adult straight away. Even if you think she'll be mad, it's always best to call your mate's parents or an older sibling so they can come and pick her up. If you're really concerned about your friend's state, call an ambulance.

A random dude tries to pash you
Grab both his arms and push him away. Smile politely and say, "Maybe another time, buddy!" If he continues to try and kiss you, give him a firm "no" before walking away and letting a parent or older sibling know.

Someone spills soft drink down the back of your dress
Grab a friend and head straight for the bathroom. Wet a towel or a piece of toilet paper and spot soak the soft drink stains. They might not fully disappear but at least it will be less obvious. Ten points if you can pin down a hairdryer.

You receive a noise complaint
To avoid angry neighbours, type up a little letter to pop in their letterboxes prior to your party. Include the purpose of the shindig, how many people you are expecting and a supervising adult's number to call if they have any issues on the night.