Donald Trump gave Kanye West this creepy AF gift

Not sure how we'd feel about receiving this...

By Matt Galea

Today, in ‘the weird, ridiculous life of Kanye West’, the rapper has tweeted a pic of the creepy gift that he has been given by Donald Trump.

For those who missed yesterday’s disappointing news, West had a meeting with the controversial president-elect yesterday at Trump Tower in New York city.

The 'Famous’ singer then tweeted a gift that Trump gave him during his visit, that has us severely gagging rn.

The horrendous gift was a signed copy of Trump’s Time magazine cover, where he was awarded ‘Person of the Year'.

Trump signed the cover with:

”To Kanye,
You are a great friend.
Donald Trump.”

So it looks like Trump and Kanye are friends now? ~SIGH~

After the controversial visit, West took to Twitter to explain himself.

A very noble cause, one that defs deserves attention, especially considering the president-elect’s views are quite racist.

But as you may remember, West himself didn’t even vote! The internet wasn’t gonna let Kanye forget about this, so they let him have it via Twitter.