Dove Cameron may just have herself a new relationship

Did Bella Thorne’s advances work?

By Bianca Mastroianni
Dove Cameron dating co-star Thomas Doherty

As you may (or may not) know, Dove Cameron and her ex-fiance Ryan McCartan called off their relationship after four long years. Ooft, that’s gotta hurt.

Since then, Dove has been a single pringle and loving it. Even Bella Thorne tried her hand and dating her…

But it looks like Dove’s interests lay elsewhere. And by elsewhere we mean Thomas Doherty, Scottish actor who stars in ‘Descendants 2’ with her.

The co-stars noticeably hit it off, but are now spending a lot of time together, which is making fans think they’re 3,000% dating.

The two just headed to London to spend time together, and they’ve been showing it off on social media.

Note: hotel room, pyjamas… this looks like a sleepover to us!

He even posted a video of her on his Snapchat while they rode a train together.

Fans are ~obviously~ flipping out over it:

Is there anything better than co-stars falling in love? No, there isn’t.

Please be true.