Dove Cameron may have just hinted she's ready to move on from Disney

Say it ain't so!

By Jessica Lynch

She kicked off her career playing twins in Liv & Maddie on the Disney Channel before starring in three Disney Channel Original movies, but it looks like Dove Cameron’s days as a Disney darling may soon be coming to an end.

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After one fan account posted on Twitter that they thought she should move on from Disney and the Descendants franchise now that she’s 22, Dove was seen liking a bunch of the tweets.

While it could just be a case of Dove being supportive to fans (she often chats with fans through social media), she has spoken out in the past about how she almost passed on her roles as Liv and Maddie.

We know Dove’s Disney fans mean everything to her but with new music in the works, perhaps she’ll be moving on to a whole new ~phase~ of Dove (and we reckon she'll totally smash it either way).

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