Dove Cameron reunited with her Disney co-stars and it was magical

Gang's all here!

By Matt Galea
Dove Cameron reunites with her 'Descendants' co-stars

Dove Cameron is clearly loved by many and when it came time to her to host a party in honour of her recent Galore photo shoot, she had tons of her friends come out to support her, including her co-stars. And there ended up being two mini reunions!

Some of Dove's Descendants 2 castmates came to the event, and of course they all shared their precious pics with us all on Instagram so we can properly squeal with excitement over seeing everyone together again. Although Dove's boyfriend Thomas Doherty wasn't in attendance since he's busy working in Europe, Cameron Boyce, Brenna D'Amico and Dylan Playfair where there for their Mal. And members of Dove's Liv and Maddie family came to celebrate her too. Everyone was just showering the starlet with all the love!

Dove's D2 fam of Cameron Boyce, Dylan Playfair, Dylan's girlfriend Daniella Bozzetto and Brenna D'Amico all struck this sillie pose with her. Sophie Reynolds, who is BFF with Cameron and Brenna and came to visit the cast while they were filming the upcoming DCOM in Canada, got in on the fun too.

Mal and Carlos might be rotten to the core, but Dove and Cameron have the sweetest friendship. Seriously, how cute is it seeing Dove and Cameron back together? And they are known for their precious hugging pics.

And who else came to hang out? None other than a fellow Disney Channel alum, Laura Marano. It's so cool seeing her there for Dove too.

Brenna and Dove look so happy to be able to spend some time together again. "Nothing but love for this one," Brenna captioned this shot. They do have plans to get married one day after all, so it's only natural B came out to be there for Dove.

And it wasn't just a D2 reunion, since two of Dove's Liv and Maddie co-stars came to the party too. Shelby Wulfert and Jessica Marie Garcia couldn't be more proud of their Dove!

Everyone loves Dove! <3333

Source: m-magazine.
Author: Jennifer Maldonado.