Dove Cameron epically shades her ex, all the while becoming Instagram official with Tom Doherty


By Bianca Mastroianni
Dove Cameron shades her ex and becomes IG official with Tom Doherty

Dove Cameron may have just come out as bisexual after splitting from her ex-fiance Ryan McCartan... but aside from taking Bella Thorne up on her offer to become the newest 'it' girl couple, she has found love in an ex-costar, Tom Doherty.

The two starred in ‘Descendants 2’ together, and have recently been making their relationship public knowledge.

Like they weren't cute enough, Dove has taken it to the next level by making it Instamatic official. In this world, that's like a promise ring.

"Cheeks are rosy," she captioned the adorable pic of the two on a coffee date.

It comes a few days after she posted a photo of a new heart bracelet Tom gifted her. SO CLOSE TO VALENTINE'S DAY GUYS. They're officially #goals.

But with all new romances comes ex-boyfriend drama. Just ask Selena Gomez!

As you know, Dove and her ex Ryan McCarten called off their engagement after being together for four years. Just recently a fan wrote Ryan's name on the photo of Dove and Tom on her Instagram, and boy she didn't hold back.

Dove replied "was terrible to me" impying her ex didn't treat her right. Ouch.

Not long after, Ryan sent out a sassy tweet saying he would take the high road, and that gossip isn't his thang.

"Take the high road, there's less traffic."

"You guys, gossip is like Monopoly money. It's worth nothing unless you're willing to play a long, boring game."


It seems like Dove is much happier now in her new relationship, but it's a reminder to all that if staying in relationships were one person isn't treated right never ends well... and clearly, there's always someone else out there <3.