Dove Cameron shares the inspirational advice Selena Gomez gave her

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Dove Cameron Shares the Inspirational Advice Selena Gomez Gave Her

If there’s anyone a young actress or singer would surely want to look for advice – it’s Selena Gomez.

The 'It Ain’t Me', singer practically grew up in the entertainment industry, and made her mark on the Disney Channel thanks to Wizards of Waverly Place. Afterwards, Sel obviously became a household name and of course familiar with what it’s truly like to grow up in the public eye.

Which is why she felt it important to help young actresses stepping into similar shoes, specifically another household name on Disney – Dove Cameron.

In a new interview with People, the Liv and Maddie star is opening up about the first time she met Selena, which was about five years ago and what she told her about fame and remaining true to herself.

“We were going to meet for coffee, but she was just like, just come over. So I went over to her house and for a couple of hours just ended up barefoot on the floor of her kitchen,” Dove began to say.

“I remember it was a while ago, she really stressed cause I was so scared and she was like, the most important thing is that you never deviate from your authenticity. You’re just open, you’re bare with your fans,” she continued to say.

Dove also revealed that she has continued to take Selena’s advice to heart, and continues to follow it every single day.

The actress also spilled on the last five episodes of her hit show and revealed, “these last five episodes are, like, insanely emotional. They answer every question. They wrap it up perfectly. I’m really proud of them.”

We expected nothing less when it came to the amazing advice Selena was able to give Dove. We’re glad to see she’s followed it and also can’t wait for the last few episodes of Liv and Maddie. Looks like they’re going to be an emotional ride.

This article originally appeared on j-14.com.
Author: Gisselle Gaitan.