Dove Cameron reveals that her ex was "horrible" to her

OMG this is horrible. Poor Dove :(

Dove Cameron reveals that her ex was *"horrible"* to her

Many hearts around the world shattered when Disney Channel power couple Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan announced they had called off their engagement back in October 2016, but now it looks like there is more of a back story to their breakup than meets the eye. Dove seems to be moving on and is rumored to be dating her Descendants 2 co-star Thomas Doherty now, but it looks like things are getting complicated again.

It all started with a new selfie Dove and Thomas both shared on their Instagrams after travelling around his native UK together over the last couple of days. Fans started commenting on the photo to ask if this was their way of officially confirming their relationship – and sounding off on Dove's breakup with Ryan.

When a fan commented simply "Ryan" underneath her new selfie, Dove answered saying "was terrible to me." Our jaws hit the floor.

Then, another fan commented to say she looked "so much happier" with Thomas, and she jumped in to agree.

Ryan has not commented on this photo (at least so far!) but he did post a cryptic message about "taking the high road" on Twitter that fans are interpreting as his statement on the matter.

He also followed up by saying he finds gossip to be boring – but he didn't call anybody out by name.

This is all so wild! It's great that Dove has found happiness with Thomas, but we can't believe she is commenting on Ryan again publicly on social media.

Meanwhile, Dove has taken to Twitter to thank her fans for their ongoing support through all the dramz.

“hello beeeaaauuutiful humans :) just stopping by to say i love you and i hope you take care of yourself and your heart today,” Dove tweeted.

She added, “thank you for all the real love and loyalty and support you show to me every day. i’m always surprised by how well you guys know me :)”.

Always got your back, girl.


This article originally appeared on twistmagazine.com.