Dustin from "Stranger Things" is the best celeb that ever was

Justin Bieber, take notes.

By Sammy Stewart

Netflix's original series Stranger Things is honestly the TV show that keeps on giving.

Not only does it have a FIYAH story line, feels, drama and all that jazz, but it legit has the cutest damn cast of kids we've ever seen in our entire existence.

Since the TV show has taken over the internet, the cast have become overnight sensations, particularly the adorable toothless Dustin played by 13-year-old Gaten Matarazzo.

Now that Gaten is erryone's hero, he's layed down a few rules for his fans, annnndddd Justin Bieber should start taking notes now.

The adorable actor has announced his policy of taking a photo with a fan when they ask for one with him, because it's US who are the ~real~ legends.

Yep, we're crying too.

And Gaten has stuck to his word...

Ugh, he melts our hearts like butter on an Eggo.