5SOS have a very special message for their terminally ill fan Georgia Buckingham

#5SOSNoticeGeorgia WORKED and it was glorious <3

By Sammy Stewart

UPDATE: 06/09/2016:

Last week we told y'all about 16-year old 5SOS fan Georgia who was keen as a bean to meet her idols after being told she had only weeks to live. Immediatly, the fangirl community started trending #5SOSNoticeGeorgia annnnddd 5SOS got in touch with her (YAY!)

The boys have also since released a video which they sent to Georgia, expressing their love and support for their #1 fan.

"Hey Georgia, it's 5 Seconds of Summer here. We really hope that we see you at the Sydney show. All of our love goes to you from all four of us. Yeah, we're really looking forward to hopefully seeing you. Keep on keeping on. We have lots of hugs waiting for you. Come and see us. We'll see you soon ok? Love you."

Check it out above and prepare to feel a lot of things.

UPDATE: 03/09/2016:
ICYMI: #5SOSNoticeGeorgia was trending all over Twitter yesterday. Why? Because Georgia, 16-year-old 5SOS fan got told she had only weeks to live, and her lifelong wish was to meet her idols.

We were eagerly awaiting 5S0S to hear the news, and then, this happened:

We are literally crying RN, and so happy for her. God bless the 5SOS boys for looking out for their fans. To see more of Georgia's updates, head to her Twitter account

ORIGINAL STORY: 02/09/2016:
If you've logged onto Twitter in the past few days, you might've noticed #5SOSNoticeGeorgia trending.

Basically, friends of a teen with weeks to live are desperate to help their bestie achieve her lifelong wish of meeting 5 Seconds of Summer.

Last year, 16-year-old Georgia was told that she was in remission but earlier this year she was sadly informed that her cancer had returned. Despite having a bone marrow transplant from a foreign donor, Georgia has been told she only has weeks to live, NZ's Newshub reports.

Now Georgia's friends are doing whatever they can to catch the attention of 5SOS and have even started the trening #5SOSNoticeGeorgia in the hope that it will catch Mikey, Luke, Ashton or Calum's attention.

You can get involved by hashtagging #5SOSNoticeGeorgia.

Stay tuned for updates!