Dylan O'Brien as a sexy assassin will ruin any other guy for you because DAYUM

He's BACK and the unruly beard is GONE.

By Bianca Mastroianni

Dylan O'Brien has been in hiding for several months after his awful accident on set for Maze Runner, and boy it's been a sad, cold world without him.

We got a rare, couple of glimpses to reassure that he was indeed alive, but accompanied him was an unruly beard that resembled Tom Hanks in Cast Away...

But the facial hair is forgiven, because now we have a first look promo poster of his new movie American Assassin, and HOT DAMN, he makes one good looking murderer.


Dylan will play Mitch Rapp in the new ~thriller~, who is the main protagonist in Vince Flynn's novels.

He is a CIA agent, investigating a series of random attacks on people. It get's more ~mysterious~ and ~suspensful~ but one thing's for sure is that we'll be seeing A LOT of sexy agent Dylan. #WIN.