14 Dylan O'Brien moments that will make you melt #GetWellSoonDylan

TBH the list could have easily gone into the thousand's.

1. When he couldn’t contain his excitement when he got the girl.

2. When he almost bit Tyler Posey’s finger off #bless.

3. That time he stuffed his mouth with curly fries and still looked like an actual angel.

4. That time he was an actual senior citizen in regards to technology.

5. That time he was being way too adorable at Starbucks.

6.That time he looked like he was waiting for a bus on the red carpet.

7. When he made this face and somehow your eyes started to rain:

8.That time he stood up for Demi Lovato and made you fist pump and say “YASSS!”

9. When he said this and you knew the love was #real:

10. Then there’s that time he wore glasses and made your heart beat faster than a Maserati down a dead end street.

11. When he said this:

12. That time he was ridiculously mesmerising whilst drinking a bottle of water.

13. When his eyes literally made you question everything you’ve ever known:

14. That time he said this and you were like, “YES DYLAN YESSS YASSS I DO YAS.”

Get well soon Dylan! XOXO

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