Dylan O'Brien is back to work, looking *legitimately* hotter than ever

HIS HAIR!!! <3.

By Bianca Mastroianni
Dylan O'Brien is back filming after his accident

Well this is definitely the best news ever.

Our one and only bae.com.au/sexiestmanalive Dylan O'Brien has finally, fully recovered from his horrific Maze Runner accident, and is back doing #ActorStuff.


Daily Mail have gorj pics of him on set of his new film American Assassins, and OMG you have to see his hair!

Oh - and don't worry. That Jamba Juice beard is GONE. Thank gawd.

He's seen with (fake - thank god) blood on his face, with the loosest, most gorgeous curls you ever did see. Swoon.

Although he's filming for this movie, Maze Runner is still on hold from his injuries. The release has been moved to January 2018, and we can't frekkin wait.