Bad news: One of your favourite characters WON’T be in the next season of ‘Teen Wolf’

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By Sammy Stewart

We hate to be the bearers or ~wolfers~ (ha lol) of bad news but hey, someone’s gotta tell you.

There’s a very strong chance Dylan O’Brien will NOT be in the next season of Teen Wolf.

Filming for the show’s sixth season has begun without Dylan (who’s still a human in the show FYI), but word on the street has it the current script has been revised and will no longer include Stiles.

Since his seriously scary accident in March Dylan’s been taking time off from acting so he can focus on his rebuilding his health, which obvi is his main priority.

The filming of Dylan’s upcoming movie The Maze Runner: The Death Cure has also been put on hold until babes is 100% healthy and ready for action.

Fans are pretty worried about the fate of their beloved Stiles, with some speculating he could be ~killed off~.

Others reckon Dylan’s character might be getting replaced by another Styles…

Pls, writers of Teen Wolf, we need ANSWERS!