FEARS CONFIRMED: Maze Runner release date pushed back by a REALLY long time

Oh boy, here we go again with the bad news.

By Sammy Stewart

UPDATE 29/5/2016

Production for Maze Runner: The Death Cure is still on hold indefinitely due to that horrific accident Dylan O'Brien suffered on set in late March. Filming was set to resume on May 9 but is now in limbo while Dylan rests up.

Due to this lengthy delay it was looking more and more unlikely the film's scheduled release date of February 17, 2017 would be met. And our fears have now been confirmed with Fox stating this deadline is no longer realistic. In fact, the trilogy finale isn't going to hit our screens for a LOOOOONG time.

~single tear rolls down cheek~

Fox has pushed the film’s release date out to January 12, 2018. That's right, guys, 1.5 YEARS from now.

As yet, there is still no word when production will resume.

Ugh this is terrible news but as long as our bb Dylan is on the mend that's really all that matters. xx

UPDATE: 6/5/16
Dylan O'Brien is healing well after suffering a horrible stunt gone wrong on the set of The Maze Runner: The Death Cure.

Fans having been praying for his recovery and even though filming has been shut down indefinitely, co-stars assure the filming will continue as soon as he's better.

TMZ caught up with co-star Dexter Darden who shared details on the third film's fate, and of course how Dylan is doing.

"We've been postponed, our main goal is to just make sure that Dylan gets better. So we're just supporting him as friends, as cast mates during this time that he's healing. And then as soon as he's healed and ready to go, we're going to be right back on it for Maze Runner 3."

And ladies, if you're worried about the fate of his glorious face, fear not.

Even after breaking several bones in his face, "He's dashingly good-looking. He looks fine!" Dexter shared.


UPDATE 1/5/16

Filming for The Maze Runner was set to go back on May 9, with Fox execs predicting Dylan would only need a few weeks to recover from that horrific accident. But looks like that's not going to happen now, as Dylan's injuries are WAY more serious than first thought.

"His injuries are very serious, and he needs more time to recover," Dylan's publicist, Jennifer Allen, said in a statement.

Filming of the movie has now been shut down indefinitely, with sources claiming the cast and crew have been sent home and a new start date will depend on Dylan's health and the ability to reassemble the cast and crew.

"The resumption of principal photography on Maze Runner: The Death Cure has been further delayed to allow Dylan O'Brien more time to fully recover from his injuries," said Fox in a statement. "We wish Dylan a speedy recovery and look forward to restarting production as soon as possible."

The film was due for release Feb 17 next year but with these lengthy delays that's probs not going to be possible now.

Still, the most important thing is that Dylan is on the mend and gets back to being 100% healthy.

Get well soon, babes. XX

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Last month Maze Runner babe Dylan O’Brien gave us all a mini heart attack when we learnt he was hospitalised with a "concussion, facial fracture and lacerations" after a stunt on his new film went horribly wrong.

Until now, we haven’t been exactly sure how the whole incident occurred but shocking details have now emerged and it was way worse than we first thought.

Heads up: the following information is pretty intense.

"An action sequence was being filmed for a motion picture. This young worker was attached to a vehicle by a harness, lanyard and overhead truss system when he climbed onto the back of another vehicle," the report from iNFOnews.ca states.

"As the vehicles slowed, the trailing vehicle the worker was anchored to slowed more rapidly than the vehicle the worker climbed onto."

"[Dylan] was yanked to the ground by his own safety vehicle and dragged under it," a source from Teen Wolf News added.


Thankfully Dylan’s back home on the mend and once he’s recovered is set to finish filming.

Take it easy, babes!

  • Authors: Sammy Stewart, Amber Manto, Bianca Mastroianni