Dylan O'Brien and his beard have been spotted AGAIN and we're crying tears of joy

Hairy Stiles is rising.

By Sammy Stewart

The illusive Dylan O'Brien has been spotted walking the streets of planet Earth yet AGAIN!

Since his scary accident in March, Dylan has literally been seen ONCE. A #confirmed Dylan spotting happened about two weeks ago and no doubt will go in our diaries as one of the highlights of 2016.

Dylan and his bushy beard have been spotted for the second time by another savvy fangirl and this picture is even CUTER.

Ashley, the fangirl, took to Instagram to share her Dylan experience with the world which just so happened to be on her birthday!

"Y'all, I met Dylan O'Brien on my birthday!" Today was a good day (cry face emoji) #dylanobrien #teenwolf #HappyBirthdayToMe #HeWasSuperSweetGuys #ThanksDilaForAskingForMe #PleaseExcuseThatStupidPieceOfHair."


Judging by this fresh angle of Dylan, it seems as though babes is making a ~sMoOTH~ recovery, and might have gotten even cuter.