Dylan O'Brien is currently #trending on Twitter for the greatest reason ever

It's about time.

By Bianca Mastroianni

Dylan O'Brien had us worried for MONTHS on end after his serious accident, going into hiding and making us here at DOLLY do a full-blown investigation on whether he was even alive or not...

Turns out he is alive (thank tha Lord), and looks just as adorable as ever, even with a few extra facial hairs.

Now that the fandom has turned down their chill dial, they've come to realise he's a real top bloke which is why Twitter is basically a Dylan O'Brien appreciation site RN.

#WeAreProudOfDylan is trending, and we couldn't love this any harder.

Yep - it's a pretty good day to be Dylan.

"This man right here is the reason why I smile everyday," one fan wrote.

Us too babes, us too.