Dylan Sprouse hilariously calls out his twin Cole for posting way too many shirtless selfies

Oh the joys of having a twin.

Remember Dylan and Cole Sprouse from The Suite Life of Zack & Cody? Well they look like this now:

Yep #Blessed.

Anywayz, apparently there actually is such thing as posting too many shirtless pics. Who woulda known, right?! #YouLearnSomethingNewEveryday

When Cole Sprouse had a photo shoot -sans shirt- with photographer Josie Simonet, he naturally wanted to show off the picturesque snaps.


Dylan Sprouse, however, was not really digging pictures of his semi-nekked bro clogging up his IG feed, and quickly took to Twitter to vent: "How many pictures of yourself do you need to post a day Narcissus​.”

Before Cole quickly chimed back with this mic droppin’ answer "I thought half of these were you?!"

Oh the joys of having a twin.

FYI, Cole, we have NO problem with your pictures, so keep em’ coming plz.