Yay! Ed gives Calvin Harris his seal of approval

Calvin's been approved by Taylor's inner circle bestie...

They've not even confirmed that they're dating yet (they SO are), but Ed Sheeran says he approves of Taylor Swift's relationship with Calvin Harris.

And if Ed says it's okay, we say it's okay.

When asked about their rumoured romance by ZM Online, he confessed that he really likes the DJ.

"He's cool. He's a really nice guy, yeah. Really really nice guy," he said.

When the host asked if he'd give their relationship his stamp of approval, he gave the affirmative.

"Yeah, I'd give the seal of approval with...Certain people are just nice people in the industry. So, yeah, I met him probably like a year ago — maybe a year and a half — yeah...[He's a] good guy. [A] really, really good guy!"

It seems like he doesn't want to confirm their relationship, but we are on to them, right?!

Now we know that her inner circle is a fan of their budding relationship, it's even cuter. Yays all round.