Ed Sheeran hung out with Beyoncé and Jay Z

They ate pizza then he took them to a dive bar. Standard.

Ed Sheeran hung out with Beyoncé and Jay Z

Of all the celebs on the top of our bucket list to meet, Beyoncé and Jay Z would have to be in the top five (which also happens to include Taylor Swift and Zac Efron if you guys are reading). And as it so happened, Ed Sheeran was lucky enough to hang out with the ultimate power couple after they watched his gig in New York.

Ed explained how surreal it was that he ended up chowing down on margarita slices with Jay and Bey.

“I grew up listening to them, and then suddenly I was just sitting across, eating a slice of pizza like, ’Alright. What’s going on?!'” he said.

“I didn’t really know what they’d be up for, so I was just like, ’My mate owns a dive bar, if you wanna go?'”, Ed asked. OF COURSE THEY WENT. ‘Cos, you know, they’re super chill like that.

“We turned up, and there was a folk jam going on, and we jammed some folk,” spilled Ed.

“They’re the coolest, coolest people. Like, just completely open; they’re just open to whatever.”

Hmm we wonder if they would be open to flying down under for a good ol’ fashioned Aussie BBQ…

Just sayin’…