Ellen DeGeneres calls out an audience member who stole from her gift shop


By Jessica Lynch

She’s known for being generous, but as one audience member on the Ellen DeGeneres Show found out, host Ellen isn’t afraid to call someone out on greedy behaviour.

Setting up a table of merch backstage during a taping of the show, the comedian told audience members to help themselves to the swag – but to only take one item.

While people respected the simple rule, two women were caught on hidden camera –unbeknownst to them- taking a couple of extra goodies on the sly.

Afterwards, Ellen put the women on blast during the show, playing the cringey tape to the embarrassed culprits, which showed one of the women helping herself to a mug and a T shirt.

I just wanted to see how honest my audience was,” the host said, explaining the hidden camera sitch.

The woman attempted to justify the theft by saying her sister couldn’t make the show, so she took something for her, while Ellen quipped, “Yeah, a lot of people's sisters couldn’t come.”

“Let that be a lesson to you," Ellen added. "You think nobody's watching you and you just need to be a good person, just because you want to be a good person.”