Ellen spills on what REALLY happened when she caught up with Harry Styles aboard that yacht

You know, the one he was holidaying on with Kendall Jenner?!

Don’t know about you guys but when we found out Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles were holidaying TOGETHER in St Barts aboard a fancy pants yacht, we legit spit out our Maccas chips.

Then when we saw Ellen DeGeneres and wife Portia were along for the ride we wondered if it was a double-date type holiday and we should start crying over Harold being off the market – again.

Well, we can't confirm that he's NOT off the market but in her return show for 2016 Ellen spilled on her Caribbean catch-up with the 1D prince. Turns out she was in the area and casually dropped on by the boat to have a bite to eat and give Harold a lesson in how to style his luscious hair. As you do.

"Harry Styles was there [in St Barts], I'm sure everyone has seen this by now, it's ridiculous. So we went to go and see Harry," Ellen said. "So I did his hair, and he didn't seem to mind at all."


Srsly, Hazzah can even make a pink bow look gd. That's impressive.

Thanks for the lolz, Ellen. But still, no clues as to whether Hendall are a thing or not. Hmph. XOXO

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