Ellie Goulding finally spilled on THAT Ed Sheeran song

The singer cleared up what really went on between her, Niall Horan and Ed Sheeran.

Ellie Goulding finally spilled on THAT Ed Sheeran song

We’ve all been dying to get the bottom of the story behind Ed Sheeran’s song “Don’t”.

People (OK, the internet) have said it’s about a certain love triangle that happened between Ed Sheeran, Ellie Goulding and Niall Horan but we never really knew what went on. Until now that is. Mwahaha.

Ellie Goulding finally opened up to Elle UK about THAT song and admitted she went on a few dates with Niall Horan but that nothing ever went on with her and Ed.

“I did go on a few dates with Niall but I was never in a relationship with Ed,” Ellie said.

We want to know what Niall did on those dates. Did he play her something on guitar? Did he whip out that baker boy hat that we’ve now grown so fond of? Did he call Harry, Louis, Liam and Zayn for advice on the date? Gahd. So many questions we’ll never know answers to (and TBH it kills us a little inside).

“I have absolutely no idea where that came from and why it was turned into such a big thing," Ellie continued. "It's like, you can be a great artist, you can write great songs, but the thing that everyone is going to talk about is some relationship they think you have had or not had."

Touché, Ellie, touché.

And in case you're worrying Ed is suffering from a bad case of unrequited love, don't. The star dropped a major bombshell recently when revealing who his perfect formal date would be if he could turn back time. And not only was it not Ellie, but it also but it looks like his number one gal pal, T-Swizzle has been ousted by another celeb.

So which pop sensation would Ed want to rip up the d-floor with?

"Meghan Trainor, I think she'd be fun", Ed told 92.3 AMP Radio. BOOM!

We do think Sheerie is right, this would be a killer fun prom combo. He does go on to say that bestie Tay would get a seat on the party prom bus ride though (good save, Ed).

"Yeah, Taylor [Swift] would be there", he spilled.

"I'd get someone really, really hood like Waka Flocka Flame… who else? Gucci Mane, Soulja Boy… I'd just want the most turnt limo… Young Thug… just like a posse of people."

Oh what we'd do to get on that bus!