Niall Horan and Ellie Goulding are so totally a thing right now

Here's the proof.

By Bianca Mastroianni

ICYMI: Niall Horan's got it baaddd for Ellie Goulding.

If you're thinking, "that's old news," then okay we know that, but it seems like Niall may have re-ignited the flame.

Enter professional wing-woman Ellen DeGeneres, who got Niall to play a round of "Would You Rather," on her show, and would you guess who trumped all?

Beating the likes of Selena Gomez, Kendall Jenner and even Demi Lovato, Niall chose his main lady, which is basically a love confession, right?

Well, Ellie seems to think so, making herself known on Twitter in response.

Ellen tweeted: "Good news everyone, I found a girlfriend for @NiallOfficial. I hope you're watching, @EllieGoulding," in which Ellie responded with the eyeball emojis.

Oh , she's watching alright.

Ellen then went on to do the most Ellen thing ever, tweeting this:

"Have you guys set a wedding date yet?"


But for real, confirm it already.