SPOTTED: Emma Roberts and Evan Peters on a bookstore date?!

They say third time's a charm...

By Sammy Stewart

We've got some good news and bad news, depending on what kind of life you lead.

If you're an intense EmVan shipper, then today's your lucky day. If you're more about that #EvanOnly life, then soz babes you might wanna sit this story out.

After breaking up for the second time in May this year, it seems as though Emma and Evan are giving their relationship ANOTHER go. The couple was spotted together by a fan in a bookshop in LA just yesterday.

Before we jump to any ~conclusionz~ that involve the two getting back together, we better acknowledge these must-know facts.

At the moment, Evan is filming American Horror Story season 6, while Emma is currently getting her Chanel on for Scream Queens' second season. Both shows are Ryan Murphy productions so there's that.

Emma has previously had a few roles on AHS and could very possibly be returning to the show as a guest character, explaining why they are ~together~.

The only other possible conclusion we can come up with is that they both ~ran into~ each other in the bookstore... ?!

Whatever is happening, we just know a lot of people are relating to this iconic moment rn: