BREAKING: Emma Roberts and Evan Peters have broken up again

Ladies, he's back on the market!

By Sammy Stewart

Sad news for any EmVan fans out there…

Emma and Evan have officially called off their relationship for the second time, with several insiders revealing to US that the split was "amicable."

The two called off their engagement in June last year, however were back together by August 2015 and would regularly attend events and post cute Insta couple selfies like these:

The two lovebirds started dating in 2012 after meeting on the set of their film Adult World and later reunited for American Horror Story.

However things hit a rough patch in July 2013 when Emma was arrested for assault charges, which Evan later dropped. The two appeared to have smoothed things over since then.

But this may not be the last of EmVan...

Evan Peters has pretty much #confirmed he'll be appearing on the sixth season of American Horror Story while rumours of Emma's return to the scary series are also lingering around on the web.

Time will tell...