So Emma Watson's 'Belle' doll is a freaking nightmare

When did Justin Bieber get cast in 'Beauty and the Beast'?!

By Bianca Mastroianni
Emma Watson Beauty and the Beast doll

Disney's new Beauty and the Beast live-action remake has us SO damn excited, it's not even comprehensible anymore.

We've seen the beloved characters come to life, Emma Watson's incred outfits, and even her SINGING VOICE! Who knew?!

Now there's merchandise (and we'll obviously be buying it all), BESIDES this creepy af Belle doll.

Amazing ballgown? Check! Incredible hair? YEP! STUNNING, EMMA WATSON FACE? NOPE!!!!!

This doll is a thing of absolute nightmares, so where did it go so horribly wrong?!

Well, it seems like they've plonked Justin Bieber's head on the doll instead of Emma's.

Burn it.