Emma Roberts and Evan Peters are once again engaged and people are really angry

They have a pretty valid reason for it...

By Bianca Mastroianni

One of the most low-key on again/off again relationships in Hollywood definitely goes to Evan Peters and Emma Roberts.

The two have gone from dating, to breaking up, to being engaged, to breaking up, to dating again, and now, maybe engaged ONCE more. There's nothing wrong with being on and off with somebody, especially when you lead busy as heck lives, but, abuse ain't EVER okay. And that's why people are mega-pissed about the couple being back on, and more specifically that headlines are calling them 'cute' and 'goals-worthy' for being back together.


Back in July 2013 Emma Roberts was arrested for domestic violence after punching Evan, leaving him with a bloody nose and a nasty bite mark.

Evan eventually dropped all charges and the pair ~smoothed things over~, later getting engaged in January 2014. However, that lasted til June last year when they called the engagement off.

NOW, it looks like they are officially back on. Over thanksgiving weekend it was made ~official~ when they were spotted kissing in public, and together on each other's social media pages.

You can see that she's wearing a ring on that finger in the photo she posted below...

A source has told US magazine that, "Emma and Evan are engaged again. She’s been wearing her ring on set. Everyone on set knows.”

All definitely seems well with the two now, but that fans don't forget what once happened.

Domestic violence is never okay, and definitely doesn't set up a good foundation for a relationship. As much as we wish Evan and Emma to be happy together, and how forgiveness is healthy, what isn't healthy is showing the world that being abused, punched in the face and bitten to the extent of arrest, is #goals worthy.

If you know anybody, or yourself is suffering from domestic violence, please contact Lifeline at 13 11 14 immediately, or chat to them online.