It's time to start #shipping Evan Peters and Emma Roberts again...

Their relationship gives us whiplash.

By Bianca Mastroianni

Here at DOLLY we have an embarrassingly large crush on Evan Peters. So much so that we have a cardboard cut-out of him sitting in the office.

So when we hear that he's ~possibly~ back with Emma Roberts, it hurts our soul. But hey, if you're an #EmVan shipper, then this might make your hump day.

Not too long ago, the on-again off-again couple were spotted together in a bookstore, and on a bagel and Starbucks date. Now, a ~source~ confirms to US Weekly that "Emma and Evan are definitely back together."

They have even been spotted dancing and getting cosy together on the weekend at FYF Fest, with an eyewitness confirming that "They definitely seemed like a couple. They were hugging and she was playfully messing around with him. They definitely showed signs of being together."

BRB, crying.

The two broke up for the second time in May this year, so they could be legit, or we could be writing another break-up story in a couple of months. You never know with them, and that gives us hope. #NotSorry.