Evan Peters now has red hair, which could be a HUGE AHS spoiler...


By Sammy Stewart

Evan Peters, aka the Tumblr boy who continuously steals your heart in every season of American Horror Story, has a habit of changing up his hair every year for the characters he's played.

For a while he rocked a light brown shade...

We've also seen him rock a blonde ~shaggy~ look:

He's also tried out a more dapper hairdo and slayed us all:

And now, for the first time ever Evan has dyed his hair bright red and it's legit hotter than a Zinger burger.

Filming for the new season of American Horror Story has begun but unlike any Hotel, Murder House, Asymlum or Freak Show a theme STILL hasn't been revealed.

At this point, we're assuming that Evan's red hair is a MAJOR character spoiler so these are our current ~theories~.

~Babes is a farmer (idk why but we're getting farmer vibes.)
~Emma Roberts has suddenly got a thing for redheads.
~Halloween's coming up and he's preparing to dress up as a pumpkin.
~The new season will be American Horror Story: Ronald McDonald.

What are your theories?