Evan Peters' epic return to AHS saw him as the HOTTEST character yet

And he has a connection to a past season's FAVE character.

By Bianca Mastroianni

WARNING: Spoilers ahead!!

Finally, like, FINALLY Evan Peters returned to American Horror Story, and since episode one it feels like we've been holding our breath waiting for this moment.

Last night's episode saw Evan return in the first 10 minutes, which was bloody glorious. So who is he? WELL LETTUCE TELL YA!

Are you shook or what?!

Evan plays Edward Phillipe Mott, a rich young English man who loves art and hates socializing. Edward moves far away from Philadelphia away from his wife and child so he can be alone in his new home with his servants and ~lover~ who's also a servant.

If you think his name sounds familiar, it's because if you rewind back to season 4 Freakshow, you'll remember the AWESOME character Dandy Mott.

Ah, crazy, murderous relatives <3.

Unsurprisingly, Edward (Evan) encounters problems shortly after moving into his new home (as it's built on the crazy Colonists land). Some of his beloved artworks are destroyed, and we get to see a classic Evan hissy-fit that TOTALLY captures Dandy. He blames some of his servants, lowers them into a cellar and shortly after, gets taken by Kathy Bates' crazy character - and is killed. Brutally.

It definitely won't be the last we see of his character, as he already came back a few times in the episode (as a ghost) to help Shelby, Matt and Flora escape). So yeah, he's got crazy traits but he's a good guy. YES!

“All that I was is no more, everything precious turned to dust. I have one last sliver of grace: my solitude. I can hardly suffer three more souls,” he says to Shelby, Matt and co.

Things are getting TURNT!!