Exclusive: Ariana Grande talks about her chemistry with Harry Styles

Ariana proved she's the nicest human ever when she spoke with features editor Jess Bailey.

Ariana Grande has been getting a pretty bad wrap since she touched down in Oz, with various media outlets labelling her a ‘Diva’ for one reason or another. But she was all sorts of nice when our features editor Jessica Bailey caught up with her yesterday.

For real, though. She even gave her a hug at the end of their chat...

Okay. Now that we’ve established Ariana is an all-round legend, it’s time to focus on what she had to say. While Jess and Ariana spoke about all sorts of things, our favourite part was when she talked about working with Harry Styles. Because, Harry + Ariana = THE BEST.

When quizzed about what the chemistry was like working with Harry, Ariana said he was "beautiful".

"He’s very funny, very sweet and very professional and never too serious.

"I would be singing in the booth and he would say [puts on British accent] 'that was terrible'

Obviously Harry was having a laugh with Ariana who then admitted to us, "that was the worst English accent of all time!"

Ariana also opened up to us about how she feels about being an honest role model for you guys.

"I feel like I don’t need to hold back or be a certain way to try and be a role model. I would rather just be real and make mistakes and be myself and dress how I want and be honest because I feel like being yourself is the greatest example of being a role model."

We couldn’t agree more!

Check out what else Ari had to say in the video above. We promise it’s worth it.

Ariana's album 'My Everything' is available now on iTunes.