Exclusive: DOLLY speaks to Taylor

Taylor Swift chats about her new album and dealing with all the haters…

Exclusive: DOLLY speaks to Taylor

Without a doubt, the number one gal in Hollywood who we would want most to be in our friendship group is Taylor Swift.

So when DOLLY got a chance to sit down the singer and talk haters, high school and her new album we JUMPED at the opportunity.

Have a look at our chat with Taylor:

Tay spoke about how she deals with all of the “haters” that she refers to in her song “Shake It Off”.

“It’s a struggle. I don’t think it’s something I’m ever going to completely master.

"When a song comes out about gossip and about people getting on your case, it resonates with people because we’re never going to be able to completely ignore people who don’t like us for no reason,” Taylor explained.

“I think with a song like ‘Shake It Off” as long as it’s out there helping people and making people feel better then that’s the best kind of song could’ve put out.”

Not only does it put a good message out for her fans, it’s also insanely catchy and shot straight to number one on the Billboard charts. Go Taylor!

Swifty (our nickname for her since we’re now practically BFFs) revealed to us her top tracks from her new album, 1989.

“There’s a song called ‘Clean’, it’s the last song on the album, [it features] Imogen Heap and it’s a song I’m regally obsessed with.”

Noted. We can’t wait to try and decode who all the songs are about!

In particular, Taylor spoke about one track, “All You Had To Do Was Stay.”

“It’s about commitment and if somebody isn’t sure that they’re in, it skews your vision of how you wanted the situation to go.”

Hmm… we wonder if she was talking about Mr Harry Styles with this one.

Our fave part of the interview was when Taylor was asked how she’d react if she was told in high school she’d end up becoming an award-winning chart topper: “My school me would be stoked. I think she’d be really excited… then again, my life has changed so much I don’t think I would’ve believed you if you told me.”

Taylor Swift’s awesome album, 1989, is out now.