Troye Sivan announced he'll be appearing on "Ellen" and the reactions on Twitter are too much

Proper LOLs.

For months avid Troye Sivan fans had been trying to get Ellen's attention via Twitter with the hashtag #TroyeOnEllen. So when Troye #confirmed that it had worked and he would ACTUALLY be performing on The Ellen Show, the fandom lost the last bit of chill they had left after yesterday's epic Miley and Liam engagement ring bombshell.

But back to Troye. Our ~favourite singing YouTuber~ will be warming up his vocal chords and belting out a bop for the one and only Ellen DeGeneres, and the reaction on Twitter has had us in proper LOLs for the best part of the day - cheers, guys.

There were those which were pretty much a reenactment of how the news went down here at DOLLY HQ...

And those who knew EXACTLY what we were thinking, it was like some sort of inception shiz was going down...

This couldn't have been a more accurate description of how our Twitter feed looked...

And this pretty much summed up how we felt once the news sunk in.

Then there were those who were slightly disappointed the news wasn't about Troye getting a puppy - we feel.

But overall everyone was just #PROUD

TBH we can't wait and already have the popcorn ready in the microwave. XOXO