Bella Thorne's new love-interest has people *really* angry

He's a pretty controversial dude.

By Bianca Mastroianni
Bella Thorne new friend Sam Pepper has fans angry

Bella Thorne has been under a harsh light recently over her choice of men rather than what she does professionally, and unfortunately, that light isn't dimming anytime soon.

Mainly because people are really angry at the most recent guy she's been hanging out with.

Although Bella's recent love-triangle with Tyler Posey and Charlie Puth sent fans into a spin because how dare she do that to Tyler (lol), the fandom sort of has a point this time...

Bella has been #spotted in many Snapchat pictures of controversial YouTuber Sam Pepper. Last year Sam Pepper was in a lot of trouble because of sexual assault allegations and his many video pranks.

In one picture of Sam's you can see Bella standing in front of a mirror which has written, "you so pretty," with the words "true" pointing towards it. Ick.

Another shows her holding his hand.

Bella has also left a slew of comments all over Sam's Instagram photos.

She wrote, "My walls are dope... You cool too ;)".

They may just be friends, but oh BOY fans are not here for it...

Yiiiikes. Girl cannot catch a break. BUT, as a girl who has a lot of influence over people, especially younger, impressionable girls, is she really sending the right message by hanging out with somebody who has been accused of sexual assault?

To put it into perspective, if you aren't familiar with Pepper, this is the kind of stuff he does... One prank video involved him kidnapping a friend and convincing him he was witnessing another friend being murdered. Um, WOT?!

Another involved Sam walking up to women on the street to ask for directions before pinching them on the butt.

Oh, the drama.