Fans are furious with Zendaya's new photoshoot

Photoshop fail? Bad makeup? Lighting?

Maybe Zendaya was feeling a little off-colour when she did the covershoot for W Magazine, or perhaps they're just experimenting with new filters over there in the studio - either way Zendaya looks a little, well, different...

Fans are getting all fired up cos they reckon queen Z’s normally chocolate brown skin is looking more like a cup a tea that’s just had the milk poured in.

Naturally they shared how unhappy they are on W Magazine's Insta page...

Is this a case of over enthusiastic Photoshopping? Bad makeup? Or just a whole lotta studio lighting making her look washed out? We didn't think it was fair to make a judgement call without running a detailed analysis so we decided to do just that.

Let’s begin shall we.


On the left we have a photo of Z at this year's Golden Globes and on the right her covershoot photo. Hmmmm, yeah soz Z but kinda looks like you've been hit in the face with talcum powder, babes.

Still, we're not calling it just yet. It could just be the darker hair throwing things off so perhaps we need a fairer (Lolz) comparison. Which brings us to...


OK, now we're talking. Here we have Zen at this year's Grammys rocking a blonde mullet wig on the red carpet - where there would have been lots of intense paparazzi flashes in her face. We gotta say her skin tone looks pretty darn similar, maybe one shade difference if we were talking foundations at Sephora.

Right, well that's us done for the day, we've solved the mystery. This is just a case of studio lighting and a blonder 'do.

So internet, plz remain in your seats and chill. Kthx. XOXO