Fans have a personal message for Niall's girlfriend Celine, and it's not what you'd expect

Leave it to this fandom...

By Bianca Mastroianni

Yesterday's news about Niall Horan scoring a baben girlfriend left us with mixed emotions. While we're stoked for Neil finding a bae, the jealousy is still beyond #real.

The best us fangirls can do is be happy for our Irish prince, and make sure that Miss Celine Helene Vandycke treats him well.

A special fan seems to agree, and went out of her way to record a very personalised message for Celine via Instagram.

"Dear Niall's girlfriend... you won the guy we all dreamed of having."

Yep, this is legit how it starts. Not to mention the very ominous piano chords in the background.

"So please, do us a favour," the message continues. "Hold him and never let him go. Wipe the tears from his face when he's down. And last but not least, make sure he never stops smiling."

NGL we are very ~emosh~ right now, and sort of worried that if Niall is ever spotted not smiling the fangirls might just start a war.


Now that the two have gone public, they've been spotted on their ~second date~ partying it UP at Drama Nightclub in London. They left together and even got super-duper cosy in the car. DailyMail has all the pics right here.

All in all, speaking on behalf of the fandom... we #ship it. #Neline 5eva.