The first official Dunkirk poster has arrived!

And Harry already deserves an Oscar, TBH.

By Matt Galea
The first official Dunkirk poster has arrived!

Holy Harry!

Warner Bros. have released the first official poster for the most anticipated flick of 2017, Dunkirk and maaaan, it is Dark with a capital (1)D!

Written and directed by Christopher Nolan – who you’ll remember from directing The Dark Knight, the WWII action-thriller is mega exciting for us fan girls due to the fact that it stars this babe:


For the past year while Harry has been filming his acting debut, we’ve been teased with a multitude of set pics where Hazza can be seen all muddied up in a soldier’s costume.

The flick is set to be released on July 20, 2017 and the epic poster’s release has just gotten us more freaking excited!

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As sick as the poster is, there appears to be no sign of Harold. In fact, we believe the back of that (gorgeous) head belongs to Tom Hardy.

So, for the lack of Harry, treat your eyes to the best fan-made Dunkirk posters that are Harry af.

And our personal favourite, this sassy af masterpiece:

Can. Not. Wait!