Dunkirk trailer is here and THERE'S SO MUCH HARRY

Um, did we just witness his death?

By Bianca Mastroianni

The day has finally arrived... The official trailer of Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk has dropped and holy Harry Styles!

We can't believe our damn luck, but Harry actually features a lot in the trailer. Well, three times to be exact but each time is SO SO GOOD!

We're yet to hear his actual voice/any speaking lines from him, but what we do get is a lot of pensive looks, short hair, and HOLY HECK HE'S DROWNING...

But let's focus on the hair and oh so sweaty face first.

Oh Tommy you're doin' stuff to us <3.

Naturally, fans are flipping the hell out on Twitter thinking that they just semi-witnessed Harry's death in the movie already. Like can you not, Christopher Nolan?!


The movie hits cinemas July 21, 2017... 'til then continue to freak out over the fate of our bae.