BREAKING: The first pictures of Harry Styles with short hair are HERE

This is it... are you ready?

By Sammy Stewart

ICYMI, Harry Styles officially cut his gloriously long, luscious mermaid hair. Til now, the fandom has been pretty anxious about the big reveal...

Ok. This is it guys, our first-ever look at Harry with short hair.

You ready? The Sun managed to grab the world exclusive photos of Harold which you can see HERE and already we can tell that it's defs not a repeat of 2013 Haaza.

Although we can't ~technically~ see 100% of the hair, the majority of the 1D fam reckon THIS is what the full haircut looks like:


It's believed Harold chopped his hair in preparation for his upcoming role in "Dunkirk". Being the Angel that he is, he donated it all to the organisation Little Princess Trust, a charity which provides young cancer patients with wigs.

Wow. We now know what our phone wallpaper will be for the rest of forever.