Five minutes with Taylor Kitsch

Taylor Kitsch talks co-stars (um, Rihanna and Blake Lively!), fighting for a girl, and being a big deal in Hollywood.

Taylor Kitsch talks co-stars (um, Rihanna and Blake Lively!), fighting for a girl, and being a big deal in Hollywood.

DOLLY: Congratulations on Battleship!
Taylor: Thank you! The film played so strong [at the premiere in Sydney] and the crowd was just super receptive, so it was great.

DOLLY:It's about aliens invading Earth, so let's say that was actually happening but, unlike your character Hopper, you don't have to save the world, what would you do with your last 24 hours to live?
Taylor: Find a bunker, convince myself I'll stay alive!

DOLLY: Anyone in the bunker with you?
Taylor: Probably family, a couple of my best friends. Actually, last night I had two of my best friends here, so them probably!

DOLLY: It looked like a pretty intense film to shoot. What was training like?
Taylor: We shot in Pearl Harbour, so we were surrounded by all these naval officers which makes everything legit, you know? Like, they'd they're saying 'No, we'd never do that'. So there were a lot of moments, where it was 'No, Kitsch. No. Just no!'

DOLLY: Battleship is Rihanna's first movie role. What was it like working with her?
Taylor: It was great. I'd say the best thing that she did was being open to this process, and she was really great and just reacted so strongly, and was hungry, you know, which was fun.

DOLLY: So you've gone from being homeless to the star of blockbusters. When did it hit you that you're kind of a big deal now?
Taylor: I tell myself that every single day in the mirror. Every day! No, I don't know. It's really funny going all through this stuff and I think you can react one way or the other, and for me it just reaffirms how much it's truly about the work, you know?

DOLLY: You've got The Savages movie coming out with Blake Lively, who we love! What's she really like?
Taylor: Well, she's chill, man. She came prepped, you know, I didn't have an insane amount with her - she plays my girlfriend, and Aaron Johnson's girlfriend in the film, and she gets kidnapped quite early - so the scenes we did have, she was nothing but great. She's very sweet.

DOLLY: What would you do if you had to impress a girl when there’s another guy fighting for her attention too?
Taylor: Well, you know, I would have to fight for her. I wouldn't have maybe ten years ago, but I'm... I don't know, it's a good question. It depends on how mad you are for her.

Battleship, starring Rihanna and Taylor Kitsch, is in cinemas now.

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