Flirt like a pro in 10 easy steps!

How to show him you heart him (without actually telling him)...

How to show him you heart him (without actually telling him)...

1. Talk to him!
It may sound super obv, but we've all had times when we've gotten so caught up in daydreaming about our crush (hello, wedding dress) that we've forgotten to actually chat to him. A simple "hey, how are you?" will give him the green light for convo.

2. Laugh. A lot!
Dudes like to think they're all undiscovered comic geniuses — so throw him a bone and laugh along. (Just not too hard ... no one likes a snorter.)

3. Try sticky eyes
He's never going to know you like him if you avoid eye contact and try to hide in your schoolbag every time he comes within a 10-metre radius. A few meaningful looks should give him the right idea — and the old "look, look away, look again" routine will do wonders. Just remember, moderation is the key.

4. Smile
Good, now build on the sticky eyes with a flirty smile — it's one of the best tricks in the business!

5. Compliment him
Studies show that people who give compliments are considered more likeable than those who don't — meaning that flattery can definitely take you far. Nothing OTT, just a few subtle words about his cool new shoes or how well he plays b-ball.

6. Think of him
If your dad roped you into a rugby viewing sesh with the fam on the weekend and it made you think of your sports-obsessed crush — or you saw a hilar YouTube clip and thought it'd be right up his alley — TELL HIM. It'll give him the idea that you know what he's into — and like it.

7. Speak body language
Let your body do the talking and try little things like leaning in when you talk, lightly brushing past him or touching his arm mid-convo. (Warning: sitting on his lap may be taking it too far.)

8. Get your FB flirt on
Cyberspace is the perfect forum for the shy girl to drop a few hints — simply "like" a few photos or a status update, post a funny link on his wall or strike up FB chat.

9. Ask for his opinion
We all want our opinions to count, so show that you care by asking for his view on something. Whether it's help on a homework question or his views on 1D's latest single, it's a great way to show that you're interested.

10. Be yourself
There's nothing more attractive than confidence! Be yourself, stand your ground and share your interests. If you're willing to change for a boy it shows you don't think you're good enough as you are — and think about what kind of message that sends to your crush. Get out there and dazzle him with your unique self!