Frankie Grande sends powerful message in wake of Manchester attack

Ariana Grande's brother Frankie took to Twitter to speak out on the attacks.

By Jessica Lynch

Following Ariana Grande speaking out to fans following the Manchester bombing attack that took place at her show in Manchester Arena, brother Frankie Grande has also sent his thoughts and prayers to families affected by the tragedy.

"My prayers, thoughts, meditations & strength has been focused on those families and victims affected by the horrific tragedy in Manchester," he wrote on Twitter. "I echo my sisters sentiment & say we can't allow hate to propagate hate & fear to propagate fear but rather come together & spread a message of love, unity, & empowerment."

He added, "so I say, as I have before, shine bright, & when evil comes 2drown out your light, throw shade over your beautiful soul, shine brighter! I love you all so very much and thank you for your strength during this incredibly difficult time."

He also provided a link to a crowd funding page to support the victims of the horrific attack.

Ariana penned a letter to fans over the weekend, encouraging them not to live their lives in fear but instead take on a united front and spread love. The ‘Dangerous Woman’ singer has also vowed to return to Manchester to perform a benefit concert to help those affected by the horrific act of violence.