Louis Tomlinson and Briana Jungwirth both decided on Freddie Reign’s name

We've also got ANOTHER photo of Freddie Reign!

Can you believe it’s been already a week and bit since the world welcomed precious baby Tommo?

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Flashback to a week ago and the fandom took it upon themselves to name the little bubs Sydney Rain, before settling on Conchobar (pronounced Connor) for the little bub.


Thankfully, (and we mean it) Louis announced that the little prince was actually called Freddie Reign Tomlinson, which we LOVE (soz Conchobar.)

So, how did Lou and Bri settle on a name? These insiders know the goss: "Louis and Briana picked out the name together over the last few days.”

"Louis is already loving being a father and is so proud of Freddie”, the sources told MailOnline.

“His son is his number one priority and he's supporting Briana and Freddie in every way possible."

Since baby Freddie’s JungBirth, the entire Tomlinson Clan (mama, step-daddy, the girls and all) have been by Louis’ side in sunny Los Angeles.

"His mum and her husband are in Los Angeles with Louis to help Louis, Briana and her family in any way they can.”

Ugh, can this entire story get any cuter?

Apparently it can.

It seems that our new favourite Instagram account @cyberwomannetwork aka Briana Jungwirth’s legendary Grandmother (who leaked the news) has finally met her new great-grandbaby.



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