Frozen’s Elsa as the villain is seriously disturbing

Prepare to get no sleep whatsoever tonight.

If want us to ruin your Frozen obsession, you might want to look away. Youtube account BloodBlitz Comedy recreated the movie, posing Elsa as the villain rather than the good princess who had struggles.

Elsa is meant to be the Ice Queen with the uncontrollable powers, just doing what she can to protect her sister, Ana, but now you’ll think otherwise because of this violent “ice witch” who can’t keep her powers under control.

This video is a Frozen trailer, but with a twist; seeing Elsa as an evil ice queen who has grown up hating her sister and killed her parents shivers

And whilst we know Elsa couldn’t POSSIBLY be evil, the creators have made a pretty convincing job that it could be a possibility! The vid is super creepy and sad, so don’t watch this one with your younger sisters, even YOU could get nightmares from this Horror flick.

You will never look at Disney the same way again, we promise that anytime you watch Frozen in the future, you will be over-analysing every single conversation between Ana and Elsa.

We are just kinda glad it isn’t the real storyline. Or is it

Words: Emma Hedges