Gemma Styles is FURIOUS about Anne’s iCloud being hacked

Harry Styles' family responds to Anne's icloud being hacked

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Unless you’ve been on a retreat where there’s no wifi, then you'll be aware that Anne Styles’ (Harold’s mummy) iCloud account was hacked yesterday and a tonne of personal photos, including Kendall from THAT yacht trip, were leaked.

Now suspended Twitter user and hacker @Haarrystyles apparently broke into Anne’s account because she wanted a rare photo of Niall…

Since the hacking, Anne has deactivated both her Twitter and Instagram accounts, but that hasn’t silenced the rest of Harry’s family.

Harry's Uncle Mike wasn't impressed:

His Aunty was pretty annoyed too…

Neither was his cousin, Ella.

Harry's friend and cousin's BF were also pretty peeved:

Harry’s sister Gemma had to jump online and clarify that the new Anne accounts were totally fake:

Gems wasn’t too pleased with the whole drama:

As a result of one fan’s love going way too far and losing the trust of the Styles fam, the rest of the fandom were pretty crushed:

So. Much. Drama.

What are your thoughts? XOXO

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